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how to replace my bulbs in behind my dash

Hey Scotty, I was looking on youtube to find out how to replace a clutch and come across your site. So tomorrow we're gonna try our hand at replacing my clutch. thanks for your DIY vids. But i have an unrelated question for you. I drive a 2000 Saturn SL1 manual transmission and for the longest time the right side of my dash lights haven't worked. Well the other day I noticed that my left side dash lights have also gone out and i only have the center dash lights left working and I had someone look at my fuses thinking maybe it was blown fuses but my fuses seem to be fine so I am assuming then it can only be that the bulbs are blown. So I was wondering what is the easiest way to get in behind my dash to change up the bulbs. That is if infact I am right and it is the bulbs that have blown. Thanks in advance if your able to help me out and also thanks for all your other vids that have helped me in finding out how to save myself money that I dont have to pay for someone else to fix for me you have been a life saver. Well at the very least a wallet saver. So thank you, Michelle.
asked in General Vehicle Questions by Michelle

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