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How to use Head gasket sealant using starter ony to circulate water

My 99 FORD RANGER 4 CYLINDER WONT START AS IT HAS LEAKING HEAD GASKET. Question is ; I AM SERIOUS ! Will it maybe work to use one of the best sealants in an engine while weather is 50°  by using strong starter with strong battery  with strong charger close by to circulate the very very warm water in which the sealant will be premixed in after circulating very warm water thru engine to warm it up much as I can even pouring hot water in after warm water first. All instructions I see says start engine let run awhile. I am thinking removing spark plugs first   so the mixture will have flowing where it needs to reach leaks and build up there and seal them. Leak is causing cyl 2 and 3 not to fire they are side by side other ones 1 and 4 on each end are not gettin water in them spk plugs dry. Goal is to maybe get it to seal up enough to start then leave sealant in and drive plus let sit and run giving it a chance to seal up good before puttin antifreeze back in. Parked in warm garage . Sounds like Im tryin my best to keep from doin it rite by pulling head but Im 72 and aint able plus no $ .
I will really appreciate ideas n  solutions :) Thanks to all who bothered to read all this ! Help !
asked in General Vehicle Questions by bambam (140 points)

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